New England G.H.O.S.T

Ghost Hunters of Spirit Transcommunication¬ô

NEG Mission Statement


New England GHOST is a nonprofit organization that does not charge for our investigative or spiritual services.

NEG has branches throughout New England, NY, OH, PA and GA. Our international branches are located in Canada, Germany, Ireland and England. We are also affiliated and work with many teams throughout the world. 

New England GHOST is a paranormal research team. Our professional team members are highly trained and dedicated volunteers. NEG is here to assist those experiencing possible paranormal activity. We are also here to educate our clients and the public. NEG does this through public education in schools, conventions, networking, lectures and other avenues.

New England GHOST investigates both business and residential locations. We provide science based investigations. NEG also can provide spiritual and psychic investigations at the request of the property owner.

Our referrals come from website requests, other paranormal investigation teams, organizations involved in paranormal research and through word of mouth.

NEG believes that through education, fear subsides. Our clients are very important to us and we work hard to get them the answers that they seek. 

New England GHOST investigations, client and case information are held in the strictest of confidence. Each case is assigned a caseworker and lead investigator. New England GHOST team members believe that communication is key. We are here to support our clients, long after the case is closed.

New England GHOST was founded on the following principles:

1.)  Client confidentiality is our #1 PRIORITY!
2.) NEG members begins each investigation as a skeptic, in efforts to debunk every situation.
3.) Any and all evidence gathered MUST be based on fact, not an opinion.
4.) NEG will assist the paranormal community to provide education, assistance and research.
5.) NEG will always conduct each investigation with the utmost professionalism.
6.) New England GHOST has never and will never charge for any of it's services. 

If you need assistance with possible paranormal activity, please use our contact form to reach our staff.

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