New England G.H.O.S.T

Ghost Hunters of Spirit Transcommunication¬ô


 New England G.H.O.S.T. uses some of the most advance and latest scientific technology to record paranormal activity.

Our team is always looking for new equipment to add to our ever growing list of goodies.

Our equipment list....


Sony Handycams (HDD) with Night Vision & IR Light Attachments 

Deep Infrared Digital Camera

Full Spectrum Digital Camera

Infrared Digital Still Camera's.

Night Vision (custom) Digital Camera.

Full Spectrum Camcorder 

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera- B250

Mini-DVR Cameras

Canon Rebel SLR Digital Camera

Nikon SLR Digital Camera

Various Digital Cameras

4 Channel- Wireless Security DVR


Sony ICD-SX750 Recorders

Zoom H4N Advanced Digital Voice Recorder

Sony PCM-D1 Flash Memory Audio Recorder

Various Sony & Olympus Digital Voice Recorders

Audio Software:

Custom Audio Edit Software

Custom EVP  Software

White Noise Generator

Audio Management Custom Software


Mel Meter-Vibe

Mel Meter 8704R

K2 Deluxe Meters

K2 Original Meters

Tri-Field Natural Meter

Air Ion Counter

Geophone Motion Detector

Ghost Touch 2

Franks/Ghost Box

Custom Real Time EVP Collection (used with netbook).

Trigger Objects

and much more.......



Things we do not use....

There are a few things we do not use.  We do not use ouija boards because we feel they are dangerous.  You never know which door you are knocking on and who will come through. We believe in safety first!

We also do not use dowsing rods.  New England G.H.O.S.T. believes in using the most advanced and latest techno gadgets.  Items that are tried & true in the world of the paranormal.  Dowsing Rods were designed to find sources of water underground....we do not use them because we feel they can not prove paranormal activity. For all we know, they found yet another source of water.


Another item we do not use is Pendulums.  Since we do not understand exactly how they work and how they prove paranormal activity, our team does not use them.

As a professional paranormal research organization there are certain things our group will not engage in.  The use of seances, ouija boards, satanic worship, black magic are just a few.

We do use sage , protective stones, etc... to clear & cleanse the environment that we will be working in. Ancient rituals used by many civilizations.  


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